Iris  is a trained Meditation Practitioner & Life Coach. 

To learn her Method which combines Yoga Nidra and other Meditation and Relaxation techniques is easy and extremely restorative.

Iris welcomes you to join her in experiencing an inwardly achieved state. A process in which the guiding force behind her experienced wisdom can be instantly felt and easily learned.


A Space for just stopping in, removing your shoes, stretching, going within, breathing aroma therapy based scents. This easy Meditation practice will become second nature in less than a quarter of an hour when her guidance is delivered.


Iris's mastery in Guiding her attendees into a deep & rejuvenating meditative experience is filled with her Inspired Wisdom & Channeling capacities.


We all need to 'RE-remember' our innate central and aligned inner compass... 

We all need a Restorative Place for the Greatness of our own Inner Powers to come out, breathe...uncoil...

We all need to Honor the Infinite Potential of our Personal and Unique Aspects Within...

$45/$65                         HR MEDITATION PRIVATE SESSION

$10                                   PER PERSON FOR GROUP  SESSIONS

                                    ON LOCATION / HOME / JOB SITE VISITS 



                   949.899.7298              [email protected] 

To further inquire into the many possible creative aspects on mastering Meditation techniques, many clients transition into also wanting to explore

Iris's Elemental Healing Methods ®:

Is a combination of advanced intuitive coaching, yoga therapy and gentle massage adjustments. Iris is also developed in her transcendence and is able to invite Reiki like Healing Forces during her one on one sessions. She uses 'psychic writing methods', talk therapy,  and Tarot readings from her own personal created Deck of Cards.

Consequentially, the receiver involved, finds deep revelations within, and enjoys a soothing acceptance of his/her transformative experiences.

" In Buddhist practice there is something called 'wise reflection', where things that are difficult, painful or just hard to understand are brought to consciousness. I believe that what Iris is offering is a method/tool to do this on a deep level...to emphasize this self-healing aspect. This happens organically and spontaneously once in her presence and through her experienced analyses and combined coaching techniques. At the end of a session with Iris, I am in power, in tranquility and extremely liberated; I feel ready to face new challenges and adventures"

                                                                 - Jody Rene Heckenbach

"Within each one of us resides an Elemental Seed. Igniting it and finding its intrinsic power allows us to firmly establish a resourceful tool that can be accessed and utilized. Iris's gift to you is to find it and make it to be your greatest ally in your life."                     - Iris Irina Silva