The gifts of serving my clients for a 2 Days Intensive Retreat through the applications of Interpersonal Healing such as SoulCollage, Talk Therapy, Intuitive Readings, Yoga Nidra Relaxation Re-Programming, Visualization Techniques, onsite Nature Walks by the near by beautiful Southern Coastal Californian beaches and MORE is here!

$555 / Including 5STAR Private Room & Bathroom / JACUZZI & SALINE SWIMMING POOL /FREE WIFI 


During the 2 Day Retreat, the sole purpose of the entire in-house experience is that you will receive incredibly personalized healing attention .

You will be guided into an exiting journey on what it means to DISCOVER the priorities and intended goals that you are needing to be addressed and celebrated.

The understanding of the LifeCoaching experience will become a natural outlook into why it is so intrinsically necessary to feel we DESERVE to live at our HIGHEST POTENTIAL by HONORING how proud we feel the more we do it!

The tools explored and offered will be experienced and valued until felt as second nature!

The CELEBRATORY element of ones self will be always the natural consequence of acknowledging why we might have lost our primary resources, hence will be easily regained.


Energetically speaking, it is of extreme importance to allow time for INTEGRATION while the entire journey into  SELF ALIGNMENT is being activated.

For this reason the LifeCoaching sessions will be alternated with play times in nature.

Nature, as we know HEALS all !

My home sanctuary is situated in one of the most beautiful  Pacific Coastal areas in California!

You will be taken to the local beaches and anything that you fancy seeing and discovering!


A combination of healing interventions, clearings of old stale emotional/energetic blockages and regeneration transmissions will naturally be delivered and offered during the 'GENTLE TOUCH HANDS ON QUANTUM ENERGY' sessions.

Iris utilizes her mature channelling modalities by inviting in Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. She also works closely as a channeler and intuitive with Ascended Masters, especially Braco the Gazer from Croatia, Amma - the Hugging Saint, and Swami Chidvilisananda, from the Siddha Lineage. 


Even though Iris's entire home sanctuary reflects her desire to maintain full alignment between high standard living from the inside out, her space changes and adapts accordingly.

The dining area at times is utilized for her SoulColage® making art sessions and at other times for eating the mastered recipes she so much enchants her client's palates with! all organic and nutritionally comprehensive.

The "DREAM CLOUD ROOM" is a spacious ensuite abode.  It is of  essential importance that the Body and the Mind, together with Soul and Spirit, can land into a feeling of complete deserving restorative and restful times. This is why the King Size bed is a custom made mattress with additional toppings of cotton covers. The intentional designing of it was to maximize the feeling of sleeping .... like, on a 'DREAM Cloud' !!!

Other amenities include, walk in closet,  large marble top sink. Separate tub & wc.
Gaia TV / Spiritual Instant Streaming 

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THE GIFTS OF SERVING MY CLIENTS THROUGH ART, PLAY AND HOSTING 2DAYS INTENSIVES AT MY HOME SANCTUARY fulfills many aspects of proper living. Not so long ago, women all over the world had their tents to go to, by the fire, sharing their wisdom, stories and never feeling ashamed of the many vulnerabilities or challenges they would be facing. The true awakening of the WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT is always imbued with the natural creation of a righteous environment. I am honored to be able to keep the ancient shamanic traditions of human development and spiritual and soul enhancement alive! Fully charged and clarified in our intentions the laughter and strengths of what we Co-created and established is rippling out to the Cosmos and implementing the Divine Spark of truth in the highest good for all !!!!