As a mixed media digital artist,  and formal painter, Iris's latest works are a combination of her nature photography, her collages and paintings. These art forms navigate many surfaces, spaces and possibilities. In fact, Iris's art is also integrated in 'video sculpts'  and music.

                                                                                      " ENCHANTED SHAMAN "    BY  I I  SILVA


"Healing is a journey. Each time a human life is born on earth, a healing journey contract begins. Human evolution is a result of the collective healing that many souls have invested in throughout time for many, many thousands of years- or, as we could say, for as many years as  planet earth itself began its existence." 

"In modern society many of us have gotten used to rely on an easy fix. Yet, with the latest scientific discoveries in the Neuro Sciences and Bio Physics it is now becoming more accepted that any form of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbance is firstly connected to an energetic issue."  
I I Silva.

Iris offers several healing techniques which hold the significance of what in the ancient times would be addressed as shamanic work.

What is  a "Modern Shaman" ?!

Iris's healing philosophy is that she believes we are all here to find a way to be 'reminded' of HOW to establish a fluid conversation with every single aspect of the human condition: 
                                                                          1. the physical body, 
                                                                          2. the mental body, 
                                                                          3. the feeling body and the spiritual body. 

In Iris's healing practice the receiver will journey through  the experience of a renewed conversation with each of these immensely interconnected realities. The healing will start immediately as Iris's entire approach is based on RELEASE & INTEGRATION : 

                                                                           1. deep relaxation & breath work / Yoga Nidra
                                                                           2. visualization techniques / SoulCollage Deck
                                                                           3. gentle massage & prana  / Soothing energetic transmissions  

                                                                                                SHAMANIC  ENERGETIC CLEARINGS& HEALINGS :

                                                                                         * BY APPOINTMENT ONLY   $85 / $105 SLIDING SCALE/ 2hr. SESSION

                                                                                       *2DAY RETREATS - go to "INTENSIVES&RETREATS" PAGE.

                                                                                  * IRIS ALSO SPECIALIZES IN HOME/OFFICE CLEARINGS & FENG SHUI  

                                                                                                                *FREE CONSULTATION / $125 x hr.

                                                                                              "ABSOLUTE LINK "    BY   I I   SILVA